NEOESR at the Salem NH 2016 Holiay Parade


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Genie and Max Vieira P1010978 angie-teal-shaggy
Genie Vieira with Max Jeann and Paul Perron with Lakota Angie Teal and OES Shaggy
jeann perron and lakota jeann perron and lakota-b jeann perron and lakota-c
Jeann Perron with OES Lakota Jeann Perron and OES Lakota Jeann Perron and OES Lakota
jeann perron and lakota-d max vieira oes-cassiopia
Jeann Perron and Lakota Max Vieira OES Cassiopia Tyrrell
oes-cassiopia-relaxing oes-takin oes-takin-tyrrell
Cassiopia relaxing before the parade OES Takin OES Takin Tyrrell
salem parade salem parade staging salem parade-2
Salem NH Parade Salem NH Holiday Parade