New England Old English Sheepdog Rescue

New England Old English Sheepdog Rescue, Inc.


The Rainbow Bridge
In Memory of our Beloved Friends


Serenda Rose Woods Dudley Oliver Griffin
Ralph Young Henr Young
Laverne Young  Piper Young

Nigel Ferchak

 Nigel Ferchak 

Pip Ferchak

     Pip Ferchak 
1991 to 6-4-95

Owen Ferchak

Dudley Oscar Griffin   Bradley
Dudley   Oliver Edward
Maddie Barrett   Sadie
Sadie   P.K. Parker

Mouski Misty Brisson   Pandora Bolm

Bubba Young  Ollie

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Barlow "The B Man"

Mandy   Misha
   Lance Bernadowski
Rocky Cunningham   Pippa
Alvin   Monica
November Rain Dance   Miss Isabelle
Monaca   Shylow Saltzman - beloved boy of the Saltzmans

Martha My Dear