NEOESR 2015 Picnic


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Louise Rozene Jasmine angie jerry teal shaggy angie teal
Louise Rozene with Jasmine Angie and Jerry Teal with Shaggy Angie Teal and Monty
annabell robin winston checking out the pond checking out the pond-2
Annabelle, Robin and Winston Let's go swimming Checking out the pond!
field field-2 field-3
Off Leash field sheepie fun
glenn mcgeough katie grannie annie drapes jerry angie teal nigel shaggy charlotte
Glenn McGeough and Katie Grannie Annie and Drapes Jerry and Angie Teal with Nigel, Shaggy and Charlotte
jerry teal and shaggy in field laraine bogosian ashley marilyn brine gilmour molly
Jerry Teal and Shaggy Laraine Bogosian and Ashley Jim and Marilyn Brine Gilmour with Molly