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Dec. 2006. Here is a picture of our Fleabe, ears flapping like a sheepdog Dumbo, taken during the week of Thanksgiving. We vacationed that week on Martha's Vineyard and took her along with us (thank God for pet-friendly vacation rentals!). She had a BLAST running on the beach. In season, the beaches don't allow dogs but in the off-season the dogs are allowed to have their fun. She ran back and forth along the shoreline trying to herd the waves! Of course, the waves would not bend to Phoebe's will and herding prowess (such as it is), and so she would whine and bark as she ran along the beach to express her frustration.

We live along the lake (much quieter water), so Phoebe does not get a chance to visit the ocean that often. I thought it was hilarious to watch her try to herd the waves. She was exhausted at the end of the day and wanted nothing more than her dinner and a soft spot to snooze.

I wanted to share this picture with you. This is our Fleabe at Halloween, dressed as a hula girl. Whenever the doorbell rang, she would get excited, wag her behind, and shake that hula skirt. I couldn't stop laughing whenever she would run to the door. She's developing some new habits in her old age (she's 8 years old now). She started countersurfing a couple of months ago - when she's left alone in the house. Guess she's sending us a message.

Lisa Shablin March 2006

Phoebe's Wonderful life with Lisa and Cindy, NJ