New England Old English Sheepdog Rescue, Inc.


We/I, ______________________, ___________________, (the “Owner(s)”), warrant and guarantee we/I have full ownership rights and possessory interests to relinquish and transfer ownership of this dog to the care of New England Old English Sheepdog Rescue, Inc. (NEOESR, INC.).  We/I warrant and guarantee that no other person or entity has any ownership rights or possessory interests in this dog except those signing this document as “Owner(s)”

We/I, the Owner(s), hereby forever release, discharge and covenant to hold harmless and to fully indemnify NEOESR, INC. and their heirs, administrators, executors, successors and assigns or any other person, entity, firm, corporation or agent acting on NEOESR, INC.’s behalf, from any and all legal claims, damages, costs, expenses arising out of a dispute regarding the ownership and guardianship of this dog, from the time of relinquishment, until the end of time.

We / I understand and accept that by signing this agreement we / I relinquish ALL RIGHTS OF OWNERSHIP to this Old English Sheepdog when we / I surrender this dog to NEOESR, INC.

We / I understand it is NEOESR, INC.’s policy to give each Old English Sheepdog every opportunity to find a loving new home.  However, we / I acknowledge that any Old English Sheepdog suffering from an incurable disease which may compromise the dog’s quality of life will be humanely euthanized.  Furthermore, we / I have been informed by NEOESR, INC. representative that any dog surrendered to NEOESR, INC.’s care who demonstrates vicious or aggressive behavior towards people or other animals, or who exhibits severe behavioral problems which render the dog unadoptable, will be humanely euthanized. We / I understand NEOESR, INC. will have this dog examined by a veterinarian and temperament tested to determine the adoptability of the dog.
We / I further warrant and represent that this dog has never bitten a person or another animal and I understand that NEOESR, INC. is relying upon this representation. 

We / I have read and we / I understand all of the policies stated above and we / I hereby relinquish all responsibility and ownership of my Old English Sheepdog named below, and we / I give full ownership and responsibility to NEOESR, INC.

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New England Old English Sheepdog Rescue, Inc.