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Saturday night Mom & Dad came home from shopping with lots of bags and one very large ball! The uprights started tapping it lightly with their hands back and forth. So I thought and I thought and then it came to me, I stood up on my hind legs and gave the ball a tap with my right paw and then I tapped it with my left paw, both Mom & Dad burst out laughing really hard. The ball hit the floor, and I declared myself the winner! Love, Oreo
Oreo - Old English Sheepdog owned by Dolores Griffin

Compressed Oreo - March 2007
Compressed image of Oreo

Click to view a video of Oreo and his new squeaky toy.  June 2006

Oreo - in May 2006



Oreo Griffin celebrates the dog days of summer by taking
Counter Surfing to a new level!


Submitted by Dolores M Griffin   July 2005