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Morgan Cittel... loves clean sheets.   January 2007

December 2006

Morgan relaxes in his furever home with Mary and James Cittel of Saginaw, MI.   December 2006

Dear Morgan Friends (and my wonderful support system),

I wanted to publish a current status for Morgan that you can share over the Internet.  A lot has happened in the past few days, and I think it is in everybody’s interest to hear the same story.  Annie, if you could please add this update to Morgan’s profile on your site, I would be most appreciative.

I offer this information to ensure that no matter where Morgan ends up, that everyone is completely aware of his situation, and can accommodate his needs.

To be clear, I am NOT currently in need of an immediate foster home.  Thanks for all the wonderful responses so far.  Luckily, my travel schedule is manageable for the next few weeks, and I have the help of friends and family.  What I’d like to do is get through the next week, and make a final decision about his placement after all the medical stuff is known and complete.

Morgan Update ­ 11-29-06

Medical Care

Full Blood Count and Profile:  Complete, no problems.  Slightly elevated white blood cell count in one area, but vet indicates that this could be due to a slight allergy of some kind, or due to the massive recent flea infestation;  Cleared for anesthesia.

Shots: Received distemper and Parvo inoculations.  Rabies shot will be given next week.

Parasites:  Blood test indicates clear of heartworm antigens; initial test for gut parasites were negative.  Started Interceptor today for long term heartworm prevention; started long term flea treatment (Frontline) yesterday.  I have a year’s supply of both that will stay with him wherever he goes.

Current Hip Treatment:  Currently on 75MG daily of Deramaxx, also on Glucosamine supplement;  Hip Xrays planned for next Tuesday

Neutering:  Scheduled for next Tuesday.

Teeth:  Both canines are broken.  Has one small tooth that will be extracted next Tuesday while under anesthesia for the other procedures.  Will request a cleaning as well.


House-breaking:  Currently no problems with urinating in the house.  No marking behavior indoors;  Seems to have a problem holding bowels overnight.  Had to clean up a couple times due to over-night pooping.  Currently altering feeding schedule to better plan elimination in the evenings.

Dog Socialization:  Continues to do well with Chloe, my mini schnauzer who lives with me.  He treats her with a combination of dismissal, curiosity, and mild interest.  They chased each other around yesterday due to my whipping them up a bit with a toy.  Chloe barked at him and challenged him to chase her, which he did, with hilarious effect…until I broke it up.  J.  Confronted by 2 small dogs at the vet yesterday, and no dominant or aggressive behavior.  He is very mellow in most situations.

Walking and Mobility:   Most of his 80lbs is balanced on his front legs.  His back legs have apparently atrophied a bit.  He “pogos” his back legs going up and down stairs.  Is able to get up from a lying down position on a carpeted surface ­ but not on slick surfaces such as hardwood or tile.  Does not sit down, lays down on his own only infrequently.  Seems to remain standing a lot, and seems to get frustrated that he can’t lay down on his own.  Circles dog bed several times, then comes over to me to get help.

IMPORTANT:  To get him into a lying down position, I pick him up with both arms (bear hug) about 6 inches off the floor the way the vet showed me, collapsing his rear legs across my arm, and put him into a sitting position.  I then coax him to put his front legs down, and that’s how he lays most of the time ­ often for hours.  Requires some personal strength to accomplish this.

Leash:  Walks very well, with little correction using a flat collar.  Can keep pace with a regular or even fast walk no problem.  Walked for 30 mins tonight with no winding.  Is a really great walker.

Crate:  Does not like to be left in crate alone.  Shows signs of separation anxiety when left in crate.  Likes to be in the presence of people a LOT.  Would not consider crate trained at all, but WILL lie down quietly in a crate while being transported, for some reason.

Barking: Has not shown signs of excessive barking.  Will bark occasionally when left alone at times, and will bark to be let inside.  Does not bark at all at strangers, or at day to day noises.

Feeding:  Eats dog food, but CRAVES people food.  Needs correction or will get in your face while eating.  Needs to be reinforced with new owners, or will definitely beg and steal people food, raid garbage, etc.  Drinks a lot of water 32oz/day, and is very sloppy when doing it.

Overall disposition:  happy, loving, loves attention (will seek it excessively without correction), a bit nervous sometimes; gets excited when played with, but does not go to far or become a physical bully.  Likes to follow me around the house.

Outdoor behavior:  Curious, but not obsessed with being outside.  Prefers to be inside lying down in sight of humans.  Eliminates outdoors,  both on leash or in fenced area.  Does not run away, but does like to charge doors.  Working on that behavior currently.

Kids:  Not yet determined.  Will advise when I get him in front of kids later in the week.

That’s what I have for now.  Hope this is helpful to all…



Morgan was found at the base of the mountain in background of this picture.  The barbed wire ran along a 30 foot wide stream at the base of the mountain.  Morgan was trapped under the barbed wire at the foot of this drop, between the stream and the cliff.