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Molly O

March 8, 2007
Mollly O

From Molly's new owner: January 2007

Molly had a really good night last night. The poodles, my husband and I all made it through the night on our queen bed. Molly and Andy (the cocker spaniel) both slept through the night on dog beds on the floor. The next step is to get the poodles moved out of bed and back onto the floor, once their feelings mend a little bit about all this! Actually, every dog's feelings are pretty well soothed; the bacon being cooked for Molly helps every dog's mood! It's not like the others need bacon, but hey, a little piece to help with this tumultuous event in their lives couldn't hurt.

I have called my vet this morning, as well as the Veterinary Ophthalmology Clinic. I'll get into my vet with her either this afternoon or tomorrow. The ophthalmology clinic is backed up this week, so it will be a bit before I can get in there. My vet will be able to help determine if the eyes may respond a little better to an antibiotic, coupled with the tear producing ointment she has been on. Please let everyone in the OES rescue network, with whom you have been corresponding, know that when a dog comes to our house, it has truly won the lottery. We are very responsible, loving dog owners. Molly is charming.

As we help her on her road to recovery, she will secure a place in our hearts. You truly saved a lovely, lovely dog, and for that I send my sincere thanks and gratitude. I'll be in touch.

Ann Martin

Ms. Molly-O’s Rescue Saga

Ms. Molly-O is a purebred Old English Sheepdog of unknown origin. Her rescue journey began on November 29, 2006 with the Seattle Old English Sheepdog Club. SpokAnimal, Spokane city’s animal control called Gary Faull, Marlene Larson and Suzi Sacha regarding this little girl. Sally Gay and Corrine Gribi of North Idaho OES Rescue were contacted to foster. Sally has extensive rescue experience with Texas OES Rescue, and Corrine has had two rescue OES. Marlene and Gary arranged for Sally and Corrine to pick-up Molly from the Patricia Simonet, a Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Service (SCRAPS) employee. Simonet was emergency fostering Molly-O for SpokAnimal. Sally and Corrine picked-up Molly-O on December 1, 2006. The following is her story from pick-up.

Molly was picked up from Ms. Patricia Simonet of SCRAPS. She had been keeping her at her home for 3 days to ensure her feeding and warmth requirements. Both Corrine and Sally burst into tears at the sight of Molly. Molly had weighed 35 pounds when Spokane Animal Control seized her on animal cruelty charges. Malnutrition and dehydration had resulted in most of her hair falling off, and all of her bones were poking through flea infested skin. Molly was taken directly to the Prairie Vet Hospital in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. There Dr. Tester determined that she was too weak for shots or flea medication, and that the antibiotics and eye treatment prescribed by SpokAnimal were correct. Mainly Molly needed food, rest and love. She weighed 39 pounds at this examination. Good work Trisha!

For the next week Molly was feed good kibble, roast turkey, wheat bread, broth, and oatmeal. On December 8, 2006, she returned to the vet. She weighed 49.5 pounds, and was deemed strong enough to receive flea treatment. Her feeding routine continued the same but was gradually reduced to 2 large feedings a day.

On January 3, 2007 Molly made her last visit to Prairie Vet Hospital. She weighed 60 pounds and was strong enough for all of her shots. She was also micro chipped. Throughout her ordeal, Ms. Molly-O remained a very sweet loving OES who only wanted decent care. Molly’s age is nearly impossible to determine. Her molars are badly worn due to chewing on wood and sticks for nourishment. Vets have estimated her age at 2 to 7 years. After her last vet visit she was pegged at 2 years old. I am guessing 2.5 to 3 years old. On January 6, 2007, Molly went to her forever home with lots of fenced area to run and play in with her new buddies. She is much loved and will have a much deserved good life from here on.

Pictures can be viewed on the New England Old English Sheepdog website ( under Happenings in Idaho.

Sally S. Gay & Corrine J. Gribi
Devonshire OES
North Idaho Old English Sheepdog Rescue
OESCA, NEOESR, Portland, and Seattle OES Club members

Below are pictures of Molly taken at the vets today. She weighed 60 pounds, and received all of her shots. I also had her chipped. She will always need eye medication after her experience. Other than that she is fine. The vet believes she is about 2 years old. But, it is hard to tell because of her tooth wear in an effort to find food. Remember that she weighed 35 lbs. when Spokane Animal Control seized her, 39 lbs. when I picked her up on 11/30/06, 49.5 lbs. on 12-8-06 and 60 lbs. on 1-3-07. She will be just fine.

Ms. Molly-O Today January 3, 2007








What's happening in ID OES RESCUE:

On 12/1/2006 I picked up an OES spayed bitch that had been taken in on animal cruelty by Spokane City. animal control. In over 30 years of rescue I have never seen such an emaciated animal. No donations are necessary. The Seattle OES club rescue will pay all costs. G/A has pictures, and I am documenting all for a prosecution of the guilty parties. I am sorry to vent, but this is beyond my scope of realization.

Ms. Molly-O is now being fed regularly at 2 hr. intervals. My vet says that she will survive with TLC.

Sally S. Gay
Devonshire OES
North Idaho OES Rescue