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October 2006 Marvin goes west (to MO) to meet his new buddy, Blake.

These are pictures of Blake.  Marvin has black on his ears. See below.





Marvin in panic attack uniform.    May 2006


March 2006

Marvin Dec. 2005

Hey Grannie,

It’s me Marvin.

I’ve been really good and mom said I could play with the computer tonight so here I am…………

I'm  working really hard and I have my heel, sit, run, come, do it now, leave it and I can lay down, but Mom has to encourage me.  She said if I worked really hard on my sit stay and if I could keep my attention on her, that I could go to the pet store and see all of the birdies and bunnies and all those strange creatures.  Wow, what a trip.  It was so neat!   Well, I guess I should tell you first that when I got into the store I was really something special, a big man…..Everyone wanted to pet me and talk to me and I don’t know why but every one kept telling me I had the biggest feet they had ever seen.  Mom said that’s because I am so tall and strong.  Help’s me get around faster.  How cool is that? Mom likes my big feet.  Grannie you can not believe all of the smells in that store.  Millions of different smells, all kinds of things I had never smelled or seen in my life. They have things on the shelves and counters and the floor, hanging on the walls and on the ceiling.  But I really surprised Mom when I stopped in front of my dog food.  She gave me a great big hug and good boy.  I pretended that I could read, but you know I really read with my nose. Mom read the OES chat line to me about dog’s barking, she is trying to get me to bark in the house.  I save all of mine for outside.  Guess she wants me to speak up with a woof woof once in a while.  I am having so much fun.  Besides learning to behave and take walks and keep my face off the table and ask to go outside (mom wants me to bark).  I don’t know why she told me she had eyes in the back of her head.  I looked but can’t seem them.   My life is really different and I am so happy.  I have gained 91/2 pounds and the vet said I am filling in good.  I had a shot yesterday, for worms, think I have to have another one the first week in January but it is so fun to go to the vet.  All of the nurses and the Doctor really like me and I really like them.

Grannie, my mom told me I was a very special gift to her and that the Rescue Dust brought me just at the right time.  She still gets sad sometimes but I snuggle up and put my 2 feet in her lap and we hug together.  I really help her feel better.  I don’t want her to be alone ever so I follow her everywhere in and out, up and down; we really make a good team.  Mom said I am going to be a really great traveler to.  I love to sight see.  Well I have gone on long enough and I know that you have hundreds of sheepies just like me to think about so I will say good night and we both want to say THANK YOU AND WE LOVE YOU.,

Marvin and Mom

PS I have attached a picture of me with my first toy.  I am a little nervous about playing around but I do like it.


This is Marvin, formerly Dalton from Smithville, MO.

Marvin lives with Brenda Webb in Florida along with another OES, Monica.

     November 2005