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Miss Bee sporting her new 'do and blue bandanna.  Brother Winston watches over his new little sister.  January 2007  See following story.

Remember Beau that the Sperry's adopted?  I saw him last Sunday and he's doing fabulously.  There was a girl in Phil's town that adopted an OES from an Indiana shelter, just shortly before the dog was to be euthanized.  She brought her home and five hours later decided the dog had too many "potential" medical issues (she was convinced she had heartworm) that she couldn't afford treatment for and asked me to come get the dog.  I called Phil and asked if he'd be home the following day, I had a dog to pick up.  He asked to go with me and immediately fell in love with the little sheepie girl.  She had been given three baths but still stunk to high heaven.  Phil had her vetted the following day and found she had an abscess in her mouth, like a hair ball lodged in the roof of her mouth that was infected.  After lancing it and cleaning it out, she's gotten a clean bill of health and is a happy puppy.  Phil said it was crazy of him to adopt her.  He named her "Miss Bee", in Bonnie's memory.



Nita and family in Indiana.  Maggie is having her 13th birthday.

                            September 2005