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By Jennifer McGregor Kesner

A little quiz to help you determine where you stand, sit or lie!

*IMPORTANT! Make copies of this for ALL members of your household to complete - interesting results!

  1. Is your dog allowed on furniture (even ONE piece counts as a YES)? ___
  2. Do humans in your house get down on the floor to play with the dog? ___
  3. Is food left in a bowl for your dog to eat "at will?". ___
  4. Does your dog eat before the humans? ___
  5. Does your dog beg at the table?  Sofa? BarBQ? ___
  6. Does your dog "steal" from tables, counters, small children, etc.? ___
  7. Does your dog "guard" his food dish growling or showing teeth if you approach? ___
  8. Does your dog "guard" objects:  bones toys, stolen items? ___
  9. Does your dog enjoy "chase me" games when he has something in his mouth? ___
  10. Does your dog like to bring you an item to play “tug”? ___
  11. Does your dog lead you out the door? ___
  12. Does your dog follow you from room to room? ___
  13. Does your dog whine, paw at you, bump you, jump up, nip at you, bark when he wants attention? ___
  14. If you ignore your dog do things get worse? ___
  15. Would your dog rather be patted on the chest than the head? ___
  16. Do you have to use a loud or dominant voice when asking your dog to do something? ___
  17. Does your dog jump up on ANY humans? ___
  18. Is your dog ever "grumpy"?  Around kids?  When disturbed while resting? When touched, etc.? ___
  19. Does your dog make his own decisions as to how things will be, and/or have any unpredictable behaviors? ___
  20. Can you HUG your dog and put your hand in his bowl while he eats? ___
  21. When your dog is in the way, does he move as you approach? ___
  22. Will your dog stay in a room alone QUIETLY, with the door closed, while you entertain company? ___
  23. When your dog is barking at the door, can you call ONCE from another room and have him come? ___

 YES on 1-19 and NO on 20-23 indicate that perhaps your relationship with your dog could be changed in some ways for the benefit of all!  Our oldest "student dog" was 13 years old, and many are 5 and older!


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(Copyright) 1996 JMK [submitted with permission from Jennifer Kesner]
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