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July 2006 - Isabelle (Marsha Wordell). She is back in MA!!!

I apologize for taking so long to update you on my special girl (aren't they ALL special?) She is doing great. Full of vim and vigor. Racing around. Eating Hills ID, by the way. I could NOT cope with the smell of the canned, so she is on the dry food, which I mix with water to soften (per vet) I am in 7th heaven that she is well. The Woonsocket Call (newspaper) has contacted me and want to get an interview about my dog walking service (Refreshing Paws) and Miss Isabelle!! Watch out Angelina Jolie--you are fading! ha MISS ISABELLE IS THE NEWS AROUND HERE. She is my heart, soul, and my life and to top it all off, she is the most well behaved girl you have ever seen--well, that is, except for recently when she was ill and my date (a VERY prominent lawyer) came to call and I opened the door and she puked all over his ColeHaan shoes!!! Get over it, ha. He has never, ever been around dogs and he is learning rapidly who is at the top of the chain, tee hee. I do hope to come and visit some day soon. When I visit your website, I want to embrace all those precious dogs. Hugs to you, Marsha and Miss Isabelle. My friend's 6 mo. old kitty seeing another animal for the first time (Miss Isabelle) and, of course, you can see how excited Miss Isabelle is around cats!!!! ha ha

Isabelle has moved to NC and taken up residence
with Marsha Wordell. December 2002