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December 2006

Dear Grrrrrrrrrrrrannie Annie,

Hi there, it's Hopie Ward from CT writing to you to update you on my one year + a month adoption story. Rumor has it you have been wondering how life and my uprights have been treating me over the last several months, so here goes.

In a nutshell, life is great. I love living with this family...especially mom. I really love mom. I love her so much that I don't like when anyone or thing (Lucy) commands her attention. I tend to bark when that happens...but mom always squirts this thing she calls a "plant mister" at me. I need to teach her that I am not a plant. Well, maybe I should learn that I am not supposed to bark when I get nervous. You see GA, I have a bit of an attachment disorder, mixed with some severe insecurity issues. Mom thinks it's from my "other home" where the Uprights didn't play with me or train me or love me like my this mom has done. Have I mentioned that I love her? Mom is very understanding, but she is also firm with me. She knows I am an extremely sly when she blocks off the room with my little sister Meredith in it...who happens to be eating something yummy....I try to go up the back stairs and then down the front ones to get to her...but alas Mom has figured me out and has blocked off the other set of stairs too. You know what else she did?!?!?!? (big defeated doggie sigh...for sympathy purposes) She actually had the GALL to HIDE the bathroom trash INSIDE the cabinet under the sink!!! Can you believe it? What is a trash eating Sheepie like me supposed to do? Where is the justice? I have been pretty good in the counter surfing department....believe me I still try...sometimes I even "help" clean the dishes in the sink....but mom doesn't like it, and I love I WANT to be good, but that food sometimes just has my name written all over it! (Course then I get the plant mister in my face...HELLO I AM NOT A PLANT MOM!!!)

In regards to "holding" things that do not belong to me...I no longer eat them to will be very proud of me for that one I know. (I have heard about your Boot once said I might have to go there...eeek!) What I do now, is pick up the yummy soft squishy sometimes noisy toy, and trot up to mom and ask her if I can have it. If she tells me to leave it, I do.....not happily, but I do. Of course I then need to go and find something else to ask her about. Usually she gets the point that I want to she tosses my tennis ball around....I love tennis balls! Then I get tired out and rest...alot. Mom has been giving me some freedom here and there outside. I am not always on my leash...about 85% of my time I am, but there are times when she comes out with me, and I am so good..I do my business, run with Lucy and we come bounding in for a snack...pooping makes me hungry. Breathing makes me hungry. Snacks are a basic food group in my favorite is baby carrots. There are times where i forget to listen..and trot over to my neighbor's yard....then mom uses her loud angry voice...but she never hits me. She knows I hate that...and she knows I would hit her back...hitting isn't nice. She just puts her angry face on, then puts me in a time out, and plays with LUCY!!!! Lucy is such a goodie too-shoes...she listens to everything all the time. How terribly boring is that? I think as a Sheepies, it is our job to keep mom and dad on their toes at all times. That's what mom says my job is. I think I am getting promoted this week to management. So, I have been really trying my best...I know I have issues and mom accepts them. We are learning together. One thing I should mention, before mom goes and blows the horn on me....this past weekend I felt as though dad was really mad at me...he told me to get out of the kitchen and waved his hands at me to get out. I didn't like it, so I nipped at him. Dad told on me to mom. I was sitting with mom when he told on tried to approach me again, and I sat and growled at him. I guess I was in a bad mood, but mom was REALLY disappointed in me and put me in a time out. I was really sorry, but I don't know how to stop myself. I think maybe it was a man who wasn't very nice to me in my other homes. I haven't been mean to dad in almost a year either. He loves me so much, and I love him....but I heard him telling mom "I don't trust her." and that made me feel so sad. What can I do GA to help gain his trust? Mom says I am VERY good with the kids. They know my limits and we have a great relationship. I have NEVER tried to growl or bite either my upright brother or sister....just my dad. Mom took these pictures [below] today....we were down by the creek and I wanted to climb a tree...I am very talented. I love it here.

Sincerely Hopie Ward

           Hope adopts Meredith Ward in Berlin, CT.

           Bill and Heather just buy the biscuits.       November 2005