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 Grady likes to claim every gift as her own too, which may be why Tori doesn't bother to open the gifts. :-). Luckily, Tori is not territorial about this and very much goes with the flow, most times even bringing a toy to Grady to initiate a jovial game of Tug Of War. Grady has learned to howl to Silent Night and performed beautifully for guests and relatives on Christmas Day. As for any lingering effects of Grady's past hardships from her ordeal documented on Animal Precinct, there are none that I can detect readily. She's very trusting of people and LOVES their attention. She's got one of the fastest "wiggle butts" I've ever seen in a sheepie. We often comment on how she'll someday end up drilling a hole in the floor from the circles she does whenever she's greeting people. One of her and Tori's projects is keeping my mom's spirits up. My mom was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer during the time I was fighting for custody of Lady last summer. Her prognosis is not good although she is holding very strong and continues to remain very independent even in these past three months of extensive chemo sessions. Grady and Tori were the best additions to our lives during some very trying times. They brought endless smiles at a time that felt heavy with hoplessness. My mom absolutely loves them both and we all get together very often to enjoy the times that we all have together. The "granddogters" become very gentle with my mom (less rowdy pup action), proving once again that the sensitivities they feel go way beyond most human comprehension.
So there you have it, Grady (Lady) today. We're all putting our paws together for those dealing with challenging health situations and also for those sheepies yet to be  saved from harmful living situations.
Peace all!  Lori

Happy New Year (2003) from Grady (aka NYC Lady) & Tori
- oh yeah, and the people we adopted!!

From one of our uprights: I love to talk about my "kids" especially when
asked! I'm happy to report that Grady (Lady) is doing great, loving life, adapted
fully to having a sister, and absolutely adored having all of those holiday
visitors stopping by with gifts to open. Yes, Grady opens her own gifts. Really great technique too - double paw-er with a nip and rip bite. Tori is more of the "gosh the wrapping is so nice I just couldn't damage it" mind frame. She'll hold her gifts in both bear like paws but only licks the paper and stares at Grady rolling on the floor being at one with every gift she gets.

Grady (l) Tori (r) Grady left her NY state of mind to join her new little sister Tori. Life is good again, but where'd all the taxis go?!?"

Lori & Sharon - uprights