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Donner and Mom - January 2006


Donner midst the azaleas  - Spring 2005


March 2005: Milo goes to his new home. I'm thinking he looks pretty darn happy!

Donner having a bad hair day   February 2005

November 2004

                                                  Donner & Kissy


Donaghey (aka Donner) decided he preferred to stay in his foster home 'furever' with Kathy Buck and Marty Clugstone of Wilmington, NC.


Original blurb

Donner is a neutered male approx. 8 years old.  He was rescued from a shelter in Atlanta.  Why he was there,  we have no idea!   He is one of the sweetest dogs ever, he loves people and we haven't found any animals that won't make his happy tail wag!   He loves lots of attention but, he doesn't mind sharing it with others.  He is being treated for  heartworms, which is almost finished.  After that he has a mass that has to be removed from his ear.  It looks as if his ears were always an issue because, one is shorter than the other probably due to an untreated hematoma.  He has a heart murmur and may always have heavy breathing due to the possible lung damage from the untreated heartworms.  His back legs are a bit weak making him clumsy but, he doesn't seem to be painful.  We are hoping he just needs to build some muscle back up.  None of these things bother him in the least!  As long as he is near uprights, the world is grand!  Donner can be seen in Wilmington, NC.