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The following is a sobering story (Jan. 2004):

These are four OES (mostlies) that were in a deplorable situation.  What they need the most is a permanent home. What they would settle for is a foster home. Anyone interested? These guys are somewhere between 2 and 3 years old. The NEOESR is going to  underwrite their vet care and relieve the wonderful shelter that took them in.  These are smaller than the usual OES ...about 45 pounds, as such might make a good choice for some. We shall insist that they go to fenced yards as they are socially challenged...which is to say, they aren't necessarily going to come when called until they have been  obedience trained. At this writing they have been viewed by our volunteer and all seem sweet, if tentative at first. They are not leash broken but approach when in a pen. They are probably not housebroken so need some guidance in that dept.

Please let us know if you can help in any way.  Tax Deductible donations may be made to NEOESR to help cover their vet bills. 

Fondly, G/A who is going to foster Patrick.  For details about the surrender,  please go to:
Phone: (518) 883-4009
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