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Darby was adopted by Hilary Hall of Chester, NH
He joins Sadie on the right who is his new older sister!

May 2005

Sadie and I want you to meet Darby, our newest member of the family! Darby hails from Reading, PA, and is "mostly" Old English Sheepdog, and some Cocker Spaniel! He is a "little old man," hard of hearing, and we have all fallen in love with him! Big Sister Sadie is keeping an eye on him, and sharing her rides in the DOGMBL, he rides up front with Bud, and Sadie gets the whole back seat! Because he doesn't hear much, he doesn't bark much, but Sadie makes up for it! He is so cute ...there are three beds for him to choose from, and he is like Goldilocks...trying out each one of them!

Regards to all!
Hilary, Sadie, & Darby

An earlier picture of Darby