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Steve and Laura Rosenberger's Callie (OES) and Emma Lou.

Emma is a perfect fit for our family and Callie is having the time of her life!  Can't believe how fast Emmy settled in or how very quickly Callie and Emmy became best friends. Callie (hearing challenged) loves being able to pick up more than just sign language again.....she watches Emma and takes her cues from Emma, just as she did with our beloved Anna. In case you haven't followed the whole story, we lost our Anna to cancer about 6 weeks ago.  Emmy-Lou is not quite a year old yet and was adopted through a rescue league in Arizona.  She was actually staying at a pet "drop off" in the Grand Canyon National Park where two young ladies accept local strays and no-longer-wanted dogs and house them in the kennels that also serve the dogs that come to visit the Park with their families. We fell in love with her from pictures posted on and arranged the long-distance adoption with the help of Karin at the Grand Canyon National Park.  Emma flew in to Cedar Rapids on Northwest Airlines and by the time we got to the airport to pick her up, she'd already stolen the hearts of all the crew and airport staff.  How lucky could we get?