NEOESR 2014 Annual Meeting

October 25, 2014

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Edwina  on annies jacket Jennifer Brooks oes bruce helping Jennifer Tyrrell Andy Schulkind
OES Edwina on
Grannie Annie's jacket
Jennifer Brooks, speaker.
OES Bruce helping
Jennifer Tyrrell and Andy Schulkind
Pat McIntyre oes otis annie raker giving placement report beth schulkind oes bruce oes merlin
Pat McIntyre with OES Otis Annie Raker giving
the placement report
Beth Schulkind with OES Bruce
and OES Merlin
carole johnson sydney diane bancroft oes darwin donna couture mr mcgoo
Carole Johnson with OES Sydney Diane Bancroft with OES Darwin Donna Couture with OES Mr McGoo
john gulotti oes scooter laraine bogosian oes ashley marilyn brine gilmour facebook report
John Gullloti with OES Scooter Laraine Bogosian with OES Ashley Marilyn Brine Gilmour,
martine meijering lisa gadreau oes denver michele grosso rescue quilt oes darwin oes niles wanna play
Martine Meijering & Lisa Gadreau
with OES Denver
Michele Grosso in front of
the Rescue Quilt

OES Darwin & OES NIles
anna play?