NEOESR Annual Meeting


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Annie-Raker-Drapes-Boomer Annie-Raker-Jim-Pauline-Cook-Drapes-Sunshine Annual Meeting cake
Annie Raker with Dame Edwina and Boomer Annie Raker, Jim and Pauline Cook
with OES Drapes and Sunshine
Bob-Anne-Ladau-OES-Winston Diane-Bancroft-OES-Einstein Drapes-closeup
Bob and Anne Ladau and Winston Diane Bancroft and OES Einstein Drapes...upclose
Genie-Vieira-OES-Niles Ion-Abraham-OES-Bruce John-Gullotti-Scooter
Genie Vieira and OES Niles Ion Abraham with OES Bruce John Gullotti and Scooter
Katherine-Smith-demonstrating-with-OES-Brewster Katherine-Smith-demonstrating-with-OES-Monty Kathy-Smith
Katherine Smith demonstrating with Brewster Kathy Smith demonstrating with OES Monty Miss Kathy Smith
Lauren-McIntyre-OES-Brewster Lauren-McIntyre-OES-Brewster-2 Mark-Bancroft-OES-Darwin
Lauren McIntyre and OES Brewster Lauren McIntyre and OES Brewster Mark Bancroft and OES Darwin