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Richie's Rescue Relay

At this writing Richie is on his way from Richmond, VA
to Lakeview, AZ.  These are some pictures taken along
the way.  Stay tuned.

Richie while in Richmond, Virginia

To: "Grannie Annie" <grannie.annie@NEOESR.ORG>
Subject: Richie is here!!!
Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2003
HI...well, I finally got to meet KC and Richie at our KMart around 7:00
and we made it home around 8:00.  He is in his new crate and I got him
a big thick piece of lavendar sheepskin for his new blankey. I also got
him a sheepskin toy to sleep with. He is a sweetie for sure. I just talked
to Allan and am printing off all the map and numbers for the girls.
Attached are a couple of of KC and Richie and Charlie and
the other one is of my son, Jake with Joe and Richie.
My daughter will keep in touch by cell phone along the way.
Sheri Farmer

Richie with Breanne (left) and Bailey - on the road at 8:20

Richie (Red Collar) working Jim's wife for breakfast!

Close-up of Richie in Poplar Bluffs, MO.

Richie with Sheri Farmer at Poplar Bluffs, MO.

Richie meets Allan
Richie meets Jake

Richie, all bathed, ends his stopover with Sally Gay.

After 2 days of rest, Richie just left to begin the next leg of his long journey.  He will stay with Steve and Donna of TXOESR tonight.  Steve will take him to Amarillo, TX
tomorrow.  Steve will be met by Susan W., who will transport him to Alberque, NM.  His new family will collect him in NM.  Last night and today, Richie seemed much better.
He was bouncing and very curious.  Loose bowels continue, but, at a more solid nature.  Richie had a bath and proceeded on his quest for a forever home.  A part of my heart left with
this gentle, forgiving guy.
Sally G

Richie in Glen Rose, TX  (Below Richie is with Donna Schott and their 3 sheepies.)

Hi, everyone ...
Richie is here.  I picked him up at Sally's this afternoon (Wednesday)
and we are driving to west Texas to meet Susan tomorrow.  I am
convinced that Richie is a 6 to 8 month old puppy who has somehow
gotten brownish teeth.  He is small, not house trained, doesn't lift his
leg, has sharp teeth, plays like a puppy, is puppy curious, has some
puppy pink spots on his nose that haven't filled in.  He loves to play
and likes other dogs.  Betsy Dale tried to growl at him but growling at
a deaf dog is a total waste of effort, as Betsy Dale found out.
Stephen (Steve) Schott
Glen Rose, TX  76043

Steve Schott with Richie

Richie greeting MO and two Pyrs.   Paul Wachter supervises.

Paul & Richie - now at the New Mexico border

Susan Wachter with Richie - ready for a border transfer

    Richie and Becky at the final destination!