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The Buck Clan    Carolina OES Resuce

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Wanted to show you all the pic of Marty and Murph getting their new title. Doesn't look so exciting but, it is for us!! (Notice the shirt, Annie!)
Sept. 2007


Marty Clugstone from Carolina OES Rescue
pays a visit to NEOESR headquarters and a photo-op on the white couch.
Left to right: Boomer, Murphy, Bosley -- February 2007

Murphy on the famous white couch...well almost.

Patsy is comfy in her new digs. What an adorable dog - we love her.
Marc Matoza.  January 2007

Geting my girl ready to go.  What a sweetie!

Quinnie   12/06


Quinnie   11/06

Devyn enjoys getting in Patsy's crate!   11/06

See Miss Grannie I am still in line for the treats!!!  Mom is making our cookies here.

Love ya


Kathy with Patsy and Monty at the park.   November 2006


Look at that good boy; year ago he would have been over the fence and gone!!

Love my Murphy!!   October 2006

Mr. Tall boy Murphy

Donner thinks if he takes Daddy's shoes then Daddy can't go anywhere!!!!

Donner is ready for the hat contest.    April 2006

The Buck bunch - April 2006

Kathy Buck - a day at the park


Kathy Buck's Bunch  -  2006

Devyn, Quin, Murphy

Devyn was spayed today. She is really milking it tonight as you can see.

February 2006

Donner and Devyn hanging out...January 2006

Would you say Murphy had his nose where it didn't belong????

January 2006

This is my lil devil Wilby. He would be better groomed if he would let me!!!

Love him anyway, Kathy

January 2006


I had to send it he was jealous.  I love that man.

January 2006

Kismet, Murphy, Quin and Donaghey

What fools were we for taking this group to the beach!!   We made it home ok!

Kathy Buck and Marty Clegstone
October 2005

Quinnie belly rubs.

Cody - prancing


        Kismet (right) (deaf) with her friend Bo